March 12, 2018

The pristine beaches of Diu

Nagoa Beach

Not all beaches are meant for relaxing and lazing around in a calm atmosphere. With all the topmost hotels and restaurants of Diu just a stone’s throw away, this beach always has a carnival like atmosphere and its coastline is perpetually bustling with activity. Here, the adventure enthusiasts can satiate their adventurous streak by indulging in plenty of water sports like the scuba diving, parasailing and paragliding. The food enthusiasts can tickle their taste buds by tasting the exotic ‘hoka’ fruit which was brought to India by the Portuguese or by trying  the local gujarati delicacies in one of the many small eating joints dotting the shoreline. Here is a small video of the beach-

Jallandhar Beach

It is a very calm and isolated beach. The name of the beach is derived from the mythological demon king ‘Jalandhar’ who was born out of third eye of Lord Shiva.  A shrine dedicated to Jallandhar, known as the Jallandhar Shrine is built on a hillock around 1 km away from the town and the nearby beach is known as Jallandhar Beach. It is very near to the INS Khukri Memorial which is the memorial site of an Indian naval ship that sank during the Indo-Pak war of 1971.

The shiny golden sand of the beach, the black rocky coral formations and the sapphire blue waters create such an interesting tableau of colors that it transports you into a different world altogether! The beach is a photographer’s delight as it provides bountiful opportunities for stunning sunset shots.

Chakratirth Beach

Chakratirth beach is a tranquil and secluded beach which has a cobbled walkway stretching from the beachside to other side of the town. Surrounded by the dense green foliage of Hoka trees, this cobbled walkway has wooden benches for the beachgoers where they can rest and enjoy their evenings at leisure. The lampshades by the walkway remind one of the European style of art. Since the beach is completely non commercial, it is completely away from the din of the city.

Ghoghla Beach

This beach also offers water sports activities just like Nagoa Beach. However, it is much less crowded than that. On one hand, the translucent waters giving out the reflection of the azure sky inspire you to pursue the adventure sports . On the other hand, the golden sun-kissed sand and the black rocky corals against the backdrop of green palm trees make you feel lose yourself in the might of majestic nature. It almost feels as if this beach possesses mystical powers to slow down time and hook you into a force greater than yourself. A must visit if you are in a pensive, contemplative mood.

Gomatimata Beach

This beach is also known as Vanakbara Beach because of being situated away from the mainland of Diu in a fishing village called Vanakbara. It isn’t usually frequented by tourists as it is devoid of any commercial water sports activities and seaside food stalls. However, you may consider visiting this beach if you are interested in knowing more about the local culture of the village.

You will be able to see small ships being constructed if you venture inside the village. Also, you may be able to see loading and unloading of fishing trawlers as the fishing port is nearby. And it is probably the only beach in Diu where you can spot seagulls. 🙂

A word of caution- The beach isn’t very clean since it is maintained by the villagers themselves and is yet to be developed commercially.