March 23, 2018

Ryan Resort, Bhuj

Ryan Resort, Bhuj

Ryan Resort, Bhuj


8.0 /10


8.0 /10


5.0 /10


1.0 /10

Dining Experience

9.0 /10


0.0 /10


  • Well connected with nearby tourist spots, airport and railway station
  • Amazing Kutchi cuisine
  • Traditional Bhunga cottages
  • Well manicured lawns


  • Absence of basic amenities like water supply
  • Cleanliness is an area of concern
  • Inhospitable staff

My husband and I stayed at this hotel for 2 days during our trip to Bhuj and White Rann of Kutch. Despite of it having an impressive outer facade, my rating is a shocking 5.2 on 10. Read on to know why..


The hotel is well connected to both the Airport (4 kms) and the Railway station (8 kms). Famous tourist sites outside Bhuj like Mandavi (around 60 kms) and White Rann (around 90 kms) are approachable by a private car or a cab.

The cottage we stayed at


The Resort is very beautifully designed in an ethnic set up. There is a picture of a Rajput warrior painted on the façade. The entrance pathway has Lord Ganesha’s idol. The hotel has traditional Kutchi “Bhunga” type cottages with beautiful paintings made on them. Apart from the cottages, Haveli rooms are also available. The lawns and walkways are well maintained with lush green plants and trees all over.

A traditional ‘Bhunga’ cottage


We stayed at the hotel for 2 days. We stayed in a cottage for one day and in a Haveli room the next day. Both the times we felt, the bed sheets were not very clean. They had dust on them.

Notice how the bed is not very neatly made up.


Even the basic amenities like water supply in the washroom was not there. The Reception Manager didn’t take any pains to get the ‘motor’ repaired. A bucket of water was provided to us only after we made numerous trips to the Reception Desk as the Reception phone handset had been already disconnected to escape from the barrage of phone calls from angry guests. We were charged for the water bottles which are provided complimentary in most 4 and 5 star hotels.


The only reason why we would want to return to the hotel despite of its alarmingly bad customer service standards is our positive dining experience. We tasted lipsmacking Kutchi curries here. Some of our personal favourites are Masala Papad, Sev Tomata and Rajwadi dhokli nu saak. I suggest you order the local Kutchi food here and i promise, you won’t be disappointed! Though I must mention that the breakfast buffet had been a disappointment for us as there were hardly one or two options available! Plus, they would serve you fresh juice only if you specifically ask for it!

The spicy Masala Papad


Zero hospitality. This is the worst hotel we have ever been to in terms of hospitality. The entire staff at reception and room service was arrogant and rude to us. As mentioned above, there wasn’t even a drop of water in the washroom continuously for 2 days. We called the room service for providing us with 2 buckets of hot water for bathing and toilet. The staff asked us to call the reception. When we called the reception, they had already disconnected their landline phone set to avoid demands of angry guests.
When I later expressed my displeasure at such shoddy customer service to the Reception Manager, Mr. Nepal Singh, his reply was a terse- It happens at times and you should adjust.
I think this incident is an important lesson in itself for all frequent travellers like me- Never ever fall for outside façade, architecture or infrastructure. What matters the most is the customer service standard of a hotel. If you aren’t entitled to even the basic needs like water during your stay, then you are better off staying at your home rather than spending 5000 bucks at a hotel!

I welcome those of you, who have stayed at the hotel, to rate your experience in the comments section below 🙂