March 11, 2018

Naida Caves- A photo Feature

These caves seem to have come alive straight out of an Indiana Jones movie.

They are at a level much below the level of the ground and steps carved out of the rocks lead one inside them. On entering the caves, one would observe that they branch out into many pathways. Arrows are marked on the entrance walls of each of those pathways for walking along the rocky trails.

One of the passageways in Naida Caves

How were the caves formed?

Are these caves natural or artificially created? Well, it seems that the caves are natural. They seem to have come into existence over a period of many centuries. However, evidence suggests that they were formed as a result of stone quarrying by the Portuguese. The Portuguese needed rocks to construct Diu Fort and since the caves are situated just outside the city wall of the Fort, it seems that the Portuguese might have indeed blasted these rocks to be used for building the Fort. But it’s still surprising how artificial stone quarrying could have led to such intricate rock cut cave structures!

Soaking in the divine beauty

There are small natural crevices in the rocks through which the bright sunlight trickles in and creates an interesting interplay of orange light and shadows.

Mr. Husband revelling in the pleasure of being in the nature’s lap.

The rocks exhibit a myriad of colours which twinkle all the more brightly under the sparkling rays of the sun.

A splash of colours

The intricate rock cut structures

The green trees which have grown in between little spaces of the rocks have centuries old roots intertwining with each other and hanging down to the ground. It’s paradoxical to watch these huge trees growing out of the rocks as there is so little soil visible there!

The intertwining roots

The temperature inside is a little colder than on the surface in Diu as the cool fresh air keeps blowing through the crevices in the rocks. Thus, the caves provide a huge respite from the scorching heat of the bright sun.

A little crevice

The best time to visit

It is an open semi circular structures and there is no entry fee as well. However, it is advisable to visit this place during broad daylight. This is so because the caves are underground rock structures having no artificial source of lighting and visiting them after sunset can turn out to be a spooky experience.

The jungle and the cave- Just imagine what the place might look like in the absence of sunlight!

Visiting Naida Caves is an incredibly delightful experience for a nature lover. We suggest you pay a visit at least once to discover and experience this hidden gem of nature.

Mr. Husband and the Missus- posing for a customary ‘touristy’ picture!