July 6, 2018

Hotel Apaar, Diu



8.0 /10


5.0 /10


1.0 /10


5.0 /10

Dining Experience

1.0 /10


5.0 /10


  • Connectivity to the tourist spots


  • Dirty surroundings
  • Bathroom in dilapidated condition
  • Unsavoury food with too much oil
  • Overpriced for the facilities (or the lack thereof)



This hotel is well connected to the tourist spots in Diu. But this should hardly be your decisive factor while choosing a hotel in Diu as it is a very small town and most of the tourist spots here are near to each other.

The facade 


The picture of the hotel on travel websites is most definitely misleading because the hotel doesn’t look like that all. Its surroundings are so dirty that it looks like a junkyard. We were told that only one of the rooms offers a sea view and we were offered that room. The sea view was pleasant but we were quite disappointed to see the unkempt and unhygienic kitchen of the hotel which was visible from the balcony.

View from the balcony


We are yet to see a hotel faring lower than this hotel on maintaining even the basic hygiene standards. The toilet seat in the bathroom was stained with what seemed like red tobacco stains. We asked the staff to clean the seat to which he replied that these are permanent acid stains which can’t be removed. Then I happened to check hand towel to wipe my hands and it was also full of those filthy red stains. It was replaced on request with another hand towel which had black spots on it. Then I happened to pick up the phone to call the staff. I noticed that it was full of grime deposited on it for ages. And on witnessing such a sight, I was overpowered by a feeling of disgust so strong that it can’t be explained in words. I am not sharing any pictures here to spare you the agony of witnessing such a sight.


The hotel room was very small. Basic amenities like TV, AC and toiletries were available. Bottled water from a local brand was also provided complimentary. The washroom was in dilapidated condition.

The balcony 


We ordered bread toast in the morning for breakfast and we were told that the hotel kitchen doesn’t have a toaster! At noon, we ordered North Indian food in room service. The food was unpalatable. It was overloaded with oil which was dripping from the silver foil of the bowl, smearing even the hands of the waiter. After having that meal, my digestion went for a toss and I suffered from gastroenteritis for the remaining days of my trip.


Staff members were not well trained. They were not wearing uniforms and so, it was not easy to identify them. Also, it was strange to see the Reception Desk always clogged by 7 to 8 people who didn’t seem like professionals.


I recommend skipping this hotel as there are much better options available in the vicinity of Nagoa Beach which is the most happening place in Diu for adventure lovers.