March 19, 2018



Are you the one who loses track of time while checking social media? Do you end up jumping from one person’s profile to another and wonder how they are so happy in their lives when you are running round the clock to just fulfil your targets?

In today’s day and age, when our minds are constantly being bombarded with easily available information, it’s really easy to feel lost without doing anything productive. So, it’s important to sift through what’s important and what’s not.

My message to you is simple and clear- Reduce the chaos around you. You can incorporate only that much in a day. Unsubscribe from the mailing lists that are no longer relevant. Mute notifications by updating your mobile settings. Uninstall those apps from your phone that you no longer require. Basically, keep your digital surroundings as clean as your physical surroundings.

 Try to focus only on those things that can take you closer to your dream. For instance, if you aspire to become a fashion blogger someday, this is how you can make your social media interactions more productive-

Join communities related to fashion on social networking sites (and at the same time, unfollow communities that you don’t require). Keep a tab on the Fashion Weeks all over the world and follow the top fashion magazines.