March 19, 2018


I want to help you lead the kind of life where you are doing a lot more than just exist and make your life really matter. It’s the kind of life where you feel alive every moment because you’re doing what you’ve always wanted to. So, here are my tips to help you unleash your productivity-


Observe how you are spending the first hour after getting up in the morning. Because it’s the first hour that will more or less set the tone for the rest of your day.

Are you spending most part of your first hour browsing through your updates on social media accounts?

Are you worrying about impending meeting with your boss/ your official targets or deadlines?

Are you juggling with the everyday mundane tasks to reach your office on time?

Are you running around helter skelter trying to manage your tasks for the day?

What is it that you are thinking about first thing in the morning??

If your answer is yes to anyone option out of the ones mentioned above, you are probably not leading the kind of life that you are meant to be..

If the first thing that comes to your mind when you get up in the morning is not your dream, probably you are caught up in the rut of life and have become too busy to follow your own dreams.

 Remember, it’s important to begin somewhere than feel guilty later. I would suggest that you begin with revisiting your goal and mapping your progress for 10 minutes every morning. Then spend at least half an hour (or whatever time permits), working on that ultimate goal of yours. Doing so will make sure that you don’t lose sight of your dreams and stay on the right track even when the going gets tough.