March 13, 2018

Why is Diu a near perfect holiday destination?

I would like to think of Diu as a near perfect holiday destination because it caters to the interests of nearly all kinds of travellers and has something unique and fulfilling to offer to each one of them.

The Art and History Lover

For the lover of art and history, Diu offers a plethora of choices.  It has Diu Fort which is listed amongst the New Seven Wonders of Portugal. It has Portuguese Churches like St. Paul’s Church and St. Thomas Church. St. Thomas Church has been now converted into a museum now which houses very impressive sculptures of the olden times. Diu also has Sea Shell Museum which has a collection of sea shells from around the world.

Just roaming in the bylanes of Diu would also please an art lover because these bylanes house many old mansions of rich Portuguese colonialists and Indian merchants.

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The Spiritual Seeker

For the seeker of spirituality, Diu has heavens of peace and tranquillity. Ancient Gangeshwar Mahadev Temple situated on the sea shore and the three 400+ years old churches are certain to evoke emotions of reverence and devotion towards the Almighty even in a non- believer.

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The Food Enthusiasts

Being a coastal town, Diu has plenty of options to explore fresh sea food. The vegetarian food here is also worth a try. It has a strong Kathiawadi influence due to its geographical  proximity with Kathiawad region of Gujarat. For the fast food lovers, there are many small eating joints serving pizzas, burgers and sandwiches etc. For desserts, we would recommend a small ice cream parlour by the name of Ram Vijay.

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The Adventure Lover

For those with an adventurous streak, Nagoa Beach is the place to be explored. Although somewhat crowded, this beach has arrangements for various water sports activities like Scuba Diving, Parasailing, Paramotor flying and Wind Surfing.

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The Solitude Seeker

Diu is around 20 hours drive from Mumbai. Due to its remote location, it has been off the tourist trail for long.

The town has a quiet and calm disposition in general and its long winding roads, surrounded by Hoka trees are mostly empty. The peaceful environs of the town offer an unparalleled opportunity to unwind and relax to the solitude seeker.

Its pristine beaches are majorly unexplored and often don’t have a single human soul in sight. One can contemplate here at length, sort out one’s thoughts and return to the mad rush of the competitive world after being entirely rejuvenated.

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Here is a small video of how peaceful Diu looks at night- 

The Nature Lover

Diu is a quaint little town untouched by the excessive commercialisation of urban Indian cities. Its tranquil beaches and Naida Caves are a nature lover’s paradise. These sites are definitely under rated and deserve to be seen.

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